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Grow Self
Grow Self consists of a team of trained counsellors who can help you sort your life out. They are trained professionals with masters degrees in psychology and extensive experience in helping people resolve their issues.
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Grow Fit Workouts
Grow Fit Workouts app is the best place to find workouts, yoga, strength training & weight loss exercises. We have carefully curated the best exercises for you which you can easily do in your house and get fit
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The Great Indian Recipe App
The best place to find curated healthy recipes for Indian dishes. All recipes are easy to follow and can be cooked in a flash. We understand how important it is to eat right and to get all of the required nutrition.
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Real people, Real results

Murugendra C.
Weight loss and healthy eating
left quote Within the first month and a half of being on Grow's Lean Machine diet, I managed to stabilise my eating and lost 7 kilos. I recommend Grow Fit to everyone who wants to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. right quote
Vishvesh Suriyanarayanan
Lost 5kgs in a week!
left quote I’ve tried many other diets before, but with Grow Fit, I’ve never felt hungry after their meals and they provide very personal and customisable options. Also, Grow's nutritionists help you understand what exactly you are going to eat. right quote
Reshma P.
Weight loss
left quote It's been a week since I've been on Grow's Lean Machine diet and I can already see that there are many benefits. The food is not very expensive and is very good in terms of taste and quality. right quote