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Whole Grain Office Lunch Subscription

An affordable alternative to the greasy office lunch. The Whole Grain Office Lunch adheres to the dietary specifications of the Modified Dash Diet (which US News and World Report calls the #1 Diet in the world). This is a heart-healthy, gut-healthy diet for the conscious office-goer who is looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Sample Menu

We have a new menu every week, with no dish ever repeating itself in the same week. Here’s an example menu of The Corporate Thali on a given day:

  • Salad
  • Curd
  • Sindhi Kadhi
  • Paneer Achari/Chicken Achari
  • Jeera Brown Rice Pulao
  • Low Carb Flaxseed Rotis

Note : Please order before 9 am for the same day delivery. 

Get a free diet chart and nutritional consultation from India's best nutrition experts along with this product.

Whole Grain Office Lunch - 5 Day Subscription
With busy schedules, insane traffic and always-on lives, we have less time to take care of ourselves than ever before. To address this, Grow Fit turned to medical research to find the right solution for Bangalore’s busy lifestyle : Whole Grain Office Lunch - 5 Day Subscription.

No refined carbs : We replace carbohydrates with whole grains and high-fiber products: We feature eco-friendly cereals like millets, black rice or bamboo rice, which have excellent nutritional profiles. Red rice and brown rice don’t make the cut.
Natural appetite reduction: Due to the high fiber content, you’ll feel full and energetic throughout the day.
Improved gut health: With the superior prebiotic and probiotic profiles of the foods we include, your gut health, digestion and metabolism will improve, putting you on a virtuous cycle.

Whats included in the subscription.

It will be delivered on your address daily during your subscription period.
You can subscribe for multiple address ex. Home & Office.
Note: Beverages will be send only to the customers who have taken beverage subscriptions only.

I'm Sold. What Happens After I pay?

Online payment
0-2 Hours
Grow Fit staff calls you to
verify your address and understand goals.
2-6 Hours
You are added to our system and delivery begins on the date specified by you.
step1 Unexpected travel ? Life getting in the way ? We’ll work with you to ensure you meet your goals.

Why order from Grow Fit ?

Grow Fit works. We are a healthtech company and our unique Programs are formulated to improve your health using scientific nutrition. People of all ages and lifestyles have used Grow Fit to achieve their health goals. And you can, too !
Backed by research
Our programs are based on medical protocols and supervised by a medical doctor.
Delicious , wholesome cuisine
A five-star chef handles the meal preparation with painstaking attention to ingredients. Did you know we mill our own flour ?
International hygiene standards
Our ISO 22000 standard kitchen operates according to international standards
Complimentary nutritional support
Post purchase of each product, you can consult with a nutritionist to ensure that you achieve your health goals.
The Science
Did you know we have a team of doctors and food scientists who have made sure every single product has the right mix of the right ingredients and in the right amounts, down to a T? The science is quintessential to meet your health goals.


The principles are:

* Whole grains and legumes

* Rich in vegetables and fiber

* Appropriate Healthy fats

* Low salt

Choose from between vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian options. Gluten-allergy sufferers can choose a gluten-free option as well.