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The Lean Machine Program: Lunch of the Day

The scientific lunch delivery program for dramatic weight loss. Your taste buds will rejoice, your body will thank you. The Lunch of the Day is a single lunch meal , a drink and a snack delivered so you can figure out if it's right for you .

Benefits of a Low Carb Program :  Weight loss, Can improve blood sugar and fatty liver. 

Sample Lunch of the Day

Veg - Ultra low carb Roti with Paneer/Tofu butter masala, anti-oxidant Electrolyte Drink and Keto Rasmalai

Non-vegUltra low carb Roti with Chicken curry,anti-oxidant Electrolyte Drink and Keto Rasmalai

Do note that the Lean Machine Program is a Medical Protocol that adopting a low-carb lifestyle. 

We do not serve some areas in Bangalore more than 15 km from our Indiranagar kitchen. 


Get a free diet chart and nutritional consultation from India's best nutrition experts along with this product.

The Rapid Weight Loss Program for Urban Lifestyles
Low-carb diets were originally pioneered by Dr. William Banting and Dr. William Harvey in 1862. Since then, the diet has been in use across the world, notably in South Africa, Sweden and Japan. Medical professionals the world over recommend the low-carb diet for rapid and sustained weight loss. Recently, the low-carb diet has become popular in India, especially among progressive doctors.

The lean machine diet limits carbohydrates to under 40 g a day. We replace carbs with innovative workarounds that are rich in protein and healthy fats such as paneer, nuts and lean protein sources.

While this can be a dramatic change for many, the Grow Fit team supports you during this transition and into a new low-carb lifestyle that has proven to be ideal for weight loss, reducing blood sugar levels and improving lipid profiles, notably reducing triglycerides.
Tight carbohydrate control: We replace carbohydrates with our own low carb flours, featuring almonds, soy and coconut. Vegetables are carefully selected based on carb content.
Healthy fats and protein: Lean proteins and healthy fats feature prominently in this program.
Improved gut health: Added prebiotic and probiotics improve gut health, digestion and metabolism, putting you on a virtuous cycle.

Whats included in the subscription.

It will be delivered on your address daily during your subscription period.
You can subscribe for multiple address ex. Home & Office.
Note: Beverages will be send only to the customers who have taken beverage subscriptions only.

I'm Sold. What Happens After I pay?

Online payment
0-2 Hours
Grow Fit staff calls you to
verify your address and understand goals.
2-6 Hours
You are added to our system and delivery begins on the date specified by you.
step1 Unexpected travel ? Life getting in the way ? We’ll work with you to ensure you meet your goals.

Why order from Grow Fit ?

Grow Fit works. We are a healthtech company and our unique Programs are formulated to improve your health using scientific nutrition. People of all ages and lifestyles have used Grow Fit to achieve their health goals. And you can, too !
Backed by research
Our programs are based on medical protocols and supervised by a medical doctor.
Delicious , wholesome cuisine
A five-star chef handles the meal preparation with painstaking attention to ingredients. Did you know we mill our own flour ?
International hygiene standards
Our ISO 22000 standard kitchen operates according to international standards
Complimentary nutritional support
Post purchase of each product, you can consult with a nutritionist to ensure that you achieve your health goals.
The Science
Did you know we have a team of doctors and food scientists who have made sure every single product has the right mix of the right ingredients and in the right amounts, down to a T? The science is quintessential to meet your health goals.


This diet has been proven to work - almost everyone who has adhered to this diet has lost weight, from 1 to 3 kilos a week, without any feeling of hunger or deprivation. Low-carb programmes have been hard to implement in India because of our traditional reliance on carb-rich recipes. Here at Grow Chef, we have cracked the code, we know how to make delicious desi and international foods with no grains whatsoever.  

A medical doctor supports the programme through periodic check-ins and advice. We provide notes on the research as well as recipes for you to follow at home. And finally, we place you in a community that is on the same journey, so we can learn together.

The delivery rate mentioned is for a single delivery per week for addresses within 5 km of Indiranagar. For addresses outside this zone, a custom delivery rate can be arranged.