Low-Sugar Fruit Preserves

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Made with 100% pure & fresh produce, less sugar.

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Rs. 180.00
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  • Low Sugar
  • No Added Preservatives
  • No Added Pectin
  • Gluten Free
  • Vitamin C Rich.
  • Vegan

This product is -

  • Low Sugar
  • No Added Preservatives
  • No Added Pectin
  • Gluten Free
  • Vitamin C Rich.
  • Vegan


What is Low Sugar Fruit Preserve?

Who would have thought preserves could be healthier? It’s true – preserves are a much wholesomer option than many spreadable treats and we believe that life should be sweet but with low sugar. Enjoy our jams & fruit preserves without the worry of increasing blood sugar levels in your body. Made with real fruit, our preserves are suited for low-sugar diets, vegans, and vegetarians. Nothing can replace that pleasant-colored, fruity dollop on bread at breakfast. So we created our own low sugar fruit preserves so you can truly indulge. Each jar is filled with delicious treats with 90% whole fruit and lemon concentrate for the perfect, yummy balance.


How to use Low Sugar Fruit Preserve?

Brighten up your breakfast with our chunky fruit preserve, bursting with fruity goodness and just the right amount of sweetness. Enjoy traditionally on toast for breakfast, pancakes or muffins. Use it to flavour natural yoghurts, as a marinade, as a glaze on cakes, to add sweetness to your salad dressing or simply on overnight oatmeal and cereal.

Keep refrigerated after opening and use within 6 weeks. Suitable for vegetarians and is gluten-free. 


What is the difference between jams and preserves?

Jams are made with pureed fruit and have a smooth & spreadable texture, while preserves are made with chopped fruit that results in a chunkier texture with bites of fruit in it. 


Who is it for?

We're all on a quest to improve our health, but the prospect of cutting out some of our favourite foods in pursuit of a healthier diet and lifestyle or a sugar-free diet doesn't always sound that appealing. Swimmingly we were able to create sugar-free varieties of stunning preserves which offer all the taste of jam without piling on added sugar, making them ever-more popular for a fruity breakfast. 

Discover our range of artisan-made fruit preserves 100% made with real fruits, low sugar, wholesome pure fruit preserves. Perfect as gifts for food lovers or a delicious everyday gourmet indulgence.


Why should I buy it?

Of course! Jams and preserves make a fantastic addition to your breakfast table, but it doesn’t need to be packed full of pure sugar. Many who enjoy having jam themselves are accustomed to the explanation that refined white sugar, and lots of it, prevents the growth of bacteria.

However, at Grow Fit this is not the case at all. We merely ensure that we sterilize all jam and preserve jars before and after filling it up that helps prevent germs and keep your jams or preserves in better condition, for longer.


Why should I make the switch?

Most commercial jams and preserves add pectin, which acts as a natural thickener – however, this is available in more significant quantities in most of the fruits - naturally and we try to preserve that without physically adding any food additive to the product. 

The pectin contained within the fruit during the boiling process (making what is also known as, as well as Modified Citrus Pectin - MCP) providing your skin, hair and nails with a healthy boost


How is it made?

100% pure fruit preserve. Made using only seasonal fruits. Artisan produced in small batches using a traditional recipe that slow-cooks the fruit to preserve chunky full-fruit pieces without overcooking them to retain the natural intense fresh fruit flavours.


Do I need to refrigerate Low-Sugar Fruit Preserves?  

It’s generally best to refrigerate our Low-Sugar Fruit Preserves in order to extend product freshness, refrigeration is recommended once opened. Because they do not contain any artificial preservatives. 


What’s more?

Grow Fit brings more choices for a healthy life! Buy our Low-Sugar Fruit Preserves and get a free diet chart and additional nutritional consultation from the best nutritionists and dieticians in India.


How does it work?

Place your order for Low-Sugar Fruit Preserves. After quick confirmation, your freshly prepared mixes are shipped to you within 2-3 days. Download the Grow Fit app to chat with a nutritionist, and plan the best route to your health goals.


Shelf life: 03 Months in Refrigerated Condition.


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