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Lean Machine

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The Lean Machine Diet

Low in carbohydrates, the Lean Machine Diet has been proven to reduce weight, improve blood sugar and increase energy.

Exotic Low Carb

Load up on exotic low-carb foods made into delicious rotis, biriyani, pizza and lasagna while losing weight!

What's Inside

Tight carbohydrate control

We replace carbohydrates with our own low carb flours, featuring almonds, soy and coconut. Vegetables are carefully selected based on carb content.

Healthy fats and protein

Lean proteins and healthy fats feature prominently in this program.

Improved gut health

Added prebiotic and probiotics improve gut health, digestion and metabolism, putting you on a virtuous cycle.

Get a free diet chart and nutritional consultation from India's best nutrition experts along with this product.

Why GrowFit?

Grow Fit is a wellness company and not an on-demand restaurant. Our Programs are formulated to improve your health using scientific nutrition. People of all ages and lifestyle have used Grow Fit to achieve their health goals.

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Backed by research

Our programs are based on medical protocols and supervised by a medical doctor.

Complimentary nutritional support

Every subscription comes with consultations with a nutritionist to ensure that you achieve your health goals.

International hygiene standards

Our ISO 22000 standard kitchen operates according to international standards

Supports your lifestyle

Vegan ? Jain ? Halal ? No problem - we’ve got your back.

Who says Healthy food can't make you Drool...