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Get to know about us & how we are transforming the lives of
athletes in India.
Let's hear what some athletes have to say about the challenges they usually face!
"There's something wrong
with the diet provided to
our elite athletes.
I call for quality diets
and the need to provide it
to athletes on time."
PC Mari Kom
"I was
until I brought
home a medal in the
2000 Sydney Olympics."
Karnam Malleshwari
Why did we start working with athletes?
If India’s professional athletes got a rupee for every time they’ve been let down by the infrastructure and support provided to them for their training and development, they would have enough money to not worry about it anymore. In our bid to help nurture the country’s finest talents and give them the best shot at winning medals for the country, we’re launching Grow Fit Pro.

Elite athletes may indeed be born with great genes but what sets them apart and takes them to the top of their game is the hard work they’re willing to put into their training and their dedication towards the right diet. We firmly believe our athletes should be getting that support so they can win medals for our country, rather than getting that support only AFTER they’ve won something.
We are pioneers of
Research & Development
in Sports.
- If you are an athlete, we will design a diet just for you.
A diet to aid in recovery from training, events, injury management
and illness.

- Engineer a customised meal as per your requirement.

We will also help you in:
Performance testing
Understanding your existing
training regime
Understanding and testing
your fitness
Constant follow-ups and
measuring progress
Benefits of Grow Fit
  • Reduced injuries
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases
  • Fuel your performance
  • Improved bone and muscle health
  • Maintain energy
  • Remote access to nutritional experts and doctors
Boost your performance!
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