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Grow Fit offers premium prepped ingredients to make healthy home cooking a breeze. Eat smart every day.

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Real Food
Healthy fats, whole carbs, low sugar

Wholegrain Bakery



Snacks and Mini Meals

Mixes, Flours and Oils



Made with Bellezea in Mind

Made for people who know quality and value health, Grow Fit at Home is a range of premium, gourmet foods so you can make eating in exciting !

Customer Testimonials

"Yummm banana cake!! All the items look so good n fresh. Such a treat. Thank you GrowFit!!"

Bellezea Customer  -  13 APR 2020, 1

"Thank u for the fresh Choco chip muffins n the carrot almond cake. They are truly delicious. Regretting to have ordered less...
Bellezea Customer  - 10 APR 2020

"Hello Growfit team,
I had ordered the chocolate muffins, sweet fruit buns, pretzel and pasta meal kit.
Pasta meal kit is a hit. Thank you very much.
Sweet buns disappeared during tea time.

Bellezea Customer  -  7 May 2020,