Ultimate Guide For Brides To Lose Weight Without Starving




Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. This is a very important day in her life when she embarks on a new journey. It is a day when she is the star of the show and all eyes are on her. She wants to look good for her bridegroom, for the guests, for the photos that she will treasure and most of all, for herself. It will give her a lot of confidence to face the cameras knowing that she looks great. There is no better motivation than to look good on one’s own wedding, and it is very important that the preparations for the day begin well in advance.

In the quest to look good, the first battle is to get rid of any excess weight that may have accumulated over time. The wedding guests may really not notice the excess fat on you, but there is always that unflattering camera angle that may capture the slight bulge, here or there, and capture it for posterity. After all, how long can you hold your breath and pull in your stomach? So, get to the starting point early so that the race against the bulge can be won well before the D-day. The great thing is, when you embark on a program to lose weight, you end up with many other benefits as well, like improved skin and hair, a well-toned body and better overall health. Of course, you must go about it the right way and work on losing weight over a period. Shortcuts and drastic measures may help for the moment, but in the long run, it is difficult to sustain weight loss through extreme starvation diets or pills. You will ultimately regain what you lost and maybe even more.

Read on to know what you can do to lose weight and maintain it even after the wedding.


1. Get active 

 If you are at least moderately active then you have already made a good beginning. If you are mostly sedentary, then now is a good time to inculcate a good habit that will ensure a lifetime of good health for you.

Start a workout plan, (if you don’t already have one), from around the time that you decide on the wedding date. Plan to do some form of exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. Try not to miss these planned exercise sessions, because being regular is what works when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. Walking is the easiest when it comes to choosing what exercise to do. Anyone can walk, and a brisk walk for thirty to forty minutes helps you lose weight at a pace which is not too fast, nor too slow. You will lose weight all over your body including the belly, hips and legs. If you have not been active, then take it slow at the beginning and walk for thirty minutes a day at first. Begin slowly and walk at a slower pace for the first ten minutes and then speed up for the next fifteen minutes. Walk slowly for the last five minutes. Once you get used to walking, walk for forty minutes every day at a brisk pace. You can keep track of the number of steps walked and calories burnt with one of the numerous phone apps or tracking devices that are available. This keeps the motivation going as you can compete with yourself to better your records.

Besides this, try and walk during the daily chores that you do. Walking to the grocery store and climbing stairs to your home or office will help you burn away more calories and lose those extra inches.

You can join a gym if you think that you need a more targeted exercise regime for your weight loss program. The trainers can help you identify your problem areas and help you with the exercises that are needed to tone up.

Your fiancé may want to join you in the exercise sessions. Then you can both be cheerleaders for each other and motivate each other to reach your goals.

2. Consult a nutritionist

 If you are unsure about your food intake, you may want to consult a nutritionist. He/she can tell you exactly how many calories you need to consume and burn every day to reach your weight goal. He/she can even help you plan your meals as per your requirement, keeping your food preferences in mind.

3. Drink adequate water

Drinking plenty of water aids in weight loss. People who drink lots of water eat fewer calories. Water makes you feel fuller and so you end up eating less. Water also keeps you hydrated so that you don’t feel thirsty and end up consuming high-calorie sugary drinks.

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