How Hard Is It To Get Six Pack Abs? Find Out The Truth!




How many times have you seen a poster of an actor and swooned over his abs? Several, right? And how many times have you joined the gym hoping you would be able to sport some washboard abs in the summer and quit, disappointed?

Well, the road to getting six pack abs is really not that easy. Yet, it isn’t impossible either. However, a lot of misinformation and unrealistic expectations might be setting you up for disappointment. Read on to find the truth about getting six pack abs:

Anatomy of your midsection

In order to work on something, it is essential to understand what that ‘something’ is. Your midsection, typically, consists of four major types of muscle groups, namely, external abdominal obliques, internal abdominal obliques, transverse abdominis, and rectus abdominis.

External abdominal obliques are the muscles that form the sides of your midsection. They start from the back of your midsection, wrap around your waist and finish in the front. This is the muscle you need to target to lose love handles.


The internal abdominal obliques are similar to external obliques in form and structure and lie underneath the latter. These, however, run in the opposite direction and both the obliques together provide support to your body around the midsection.

Transverse abdominis lie deep within. In fact, the transverse abdominis are the deepest layer of muscles in your midsection. They wrap around the spine to provide support and protection. So, though it is not exactly visible, you must work on them for building a super strong core.

Coming to rectus abdominis, this is the group of muscles in your midsection that you are most familiar with. They form the front of your midsection and are popularly known as the ‘six-pack’ muscles. Yes, that’s right, everybody has six pack abs by default.

All these muscles together make up your midsection, and to build a strong core you must work on all of them.

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