How essential is eating at the right time


With all the emphasis we put on healthy eating, we often overlook one of the most important factors:  When we eat our meals of the day!

Eating right foods may sound very simple in itself but it is the simple mistakes we make that make a huge difference. It is important to know that when it comes to eating, the timing of meals is the key to healthy life.

So there are certain questions we need to ask ourselves.
How often do you delay your breakfast or skip your meal after a heavy workout? How often do you eat right before bedtime? Do you have long gaps between meals? The best times to eat can be a tricky question to answer.

Abnormal or irregular eating habit is one of the greatest mistakes that will affect your health. Skipping meals and not eating on time can affect the normal balance of your body functions as well.

Every food we eat provides the body with a range of nutrients, which helps us stay healthy. And, if eaten in the right proportion according to one’s body weight, age and gender it can also aid in weight loss. What defines our body’s composition is lean mass-muscle and free fat mass. So, to achieve fat loss, it is important to eat the right food at the right time.

Here are certain pointers.


– Don’t skip breakfast. According to the scientists, skipping breakfast may make you hungrier and more likely to eat larger meals, which leads to a surge in blood sugar. Such spikes can pave the way for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, all risk factors that can snowball into a heart attack.

– Make breakfast big enough to get to lunch without feeling hungry
– Eat within 30 minutes of waking up
– Ideal time to have breakfast is 7am
– Do not delay breakfast later than 10am
– Make sure you have protein in your breakfast


– Ideal time to have lunch is 12.45-1.00 pm
– Try and keep a gap of 4 hours between your breakfast and lunch & you can have some fillers in between.
– Do not delay lunch later than 3.00 pm.



– Do make supper your lightest meal

– After a big, satisfying and balanced lunch, a light supper is just what your body needs. Opt for easily digestible meals like a soup, a salad, or some lightly cooked veggies etc.


– The ideal time to have dinner is before 7 pm
– You should keep a gap of 3 hours between your dinner and bedtime
– Do not delay dinner later than 10pm
– Eating close to bedtime can interfere with the quality of sleep as well.


Always keep a regular timetable for your food timing. Human body works in a rhythm and all our body functions follow this rhythm. When you are not consuming food on time, this will result in many metabolic disorders. This will ultimately lead to health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and digestive disturbances.

Also eating right thing at right time will help in following.
Prevent Heart Diseases: Eating at regular interval will regulate lipid metabolism, thereby, reducing total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. This reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. Also, correct timing of food will help you skip the unhealthy snacking.

Low Risk for Diabetes: Proper functioning of digestive system in a timely fashion will help to prevent the incidence of diabetes. This works mainly by managing the insulin regulation to keep the blood glucose within the normal range. Proper timing of food will also help to prevent insulin resistance, which is one the important causes for diabetes.

Fight Obesity: Those who eat regular meals will have a lesser chance to consume extra calories. Eating healthy food at the right time should be the key!

Proper Digestion: Digestive problem is a prone to happen when you have a disordered food habit and food timing. Eating meals at correct interval is the best idea to keep your digestive system functioning properly. This will also help in proper absorption of nutrients. Always consider the gaps between the meal times. Proper metabolism will upgrade your overall health status.

Treat Acidity: Acidity is commonly seen due to the acid reflux in the stomach. This is one of the causes for heart burn associated with digestive problems. Keeping more gaps between meals will cause the digestive enzymes to cause acidity. This is one of the reasons why eating on time is important.

So to summarize, eating right is about so much more than just what you put in your mouth. Eating the majority of your day’s calories in the first part of the day not only more natural for your system, but it is also scientifically proven to promote weight loss and increased energy. Enjoy three, balanced, satisfying meals a day to keep your blood sugar stable and your metabolism humming. By following this traditional approach to eating, and by eating a diet of fresh, whole foods, you will live longer, feel more energized, and maintain the body.

Here in Grow Fit we coach you to eat right & at the right time. So download the app & go for a consultation for a healthier you!

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