9 diet foods to try this Indian summer


Summer is coming up and for those of us in India, we all know how intense the heat can be. Drinking lots of water is the number one tip to stay hydrated all day long. But there are other ways to keep your body cool, and one of them is food. Eating certain foods can refresh you and give you the strength you need to fight against that persistent sun. Maybe even help in weight loss. Let’s look at a few foods you can prepare and keep ready to grab, just like your AC remote!


Surprised? Don’t be! Onions actually provide cooling properties to your body. Eating them raw is not advisable of course, but you can mix them with lemon and salt and add it to salads. Also, feel free to liberally blend them in your curries and raitas. An added bonus – including onions in your daily diet can help protect you from sunstroke during summer.

Summer Diet Foods | Healthy Eating | GrowFit Blog


Carrots are good for you, yes, but purple carrots are even better! Especially during the summer. Not only do they contain all the phytochemicals present in orange carrots but they also have anthocyanins which are great anti-oxidants. Great anti-aging properties too!

Summer Diet Foods | Healthy Eating | GrowFit Blog


Sweet potatoes may sound fatty, but they are a great source of dietary fiber and have a surprisingly low-calorie count. An ideal summer diet food for losing that stubborn weight around your tummy. They also play a role in reducing your blood sugar and prevent insulin spikes.


Commonly called musk-melon in India, this naturally sweet fruit has a high water content and is a healthy alternative to high-calorie desserts like ice creams and cakes. Chill it in a fridge for a few hours and scoop out the tasty goodness!

Summer Diet Foods | Healthy Eating | GrowFit Blog


Curds are filled to the brim with probiotics (which greatly aid in your digestion) and also give a coolant effect to your body. You can have it as spicy buttermilk or sweet lassi. Try chopping up fruits and adding it to curd for a breezy mid-morning snack to beat that summer sun.


Having a banana when you’re hungry is convenient, easy and low-cal. Bananas are a great source of potassium which can be lost in sweat and add moisture to your intestine, eliminating heat and expelling toxins.


If you want a slimmer look this summer, swap your full-fat meats for a lighter, leaner option – turkey! You can have it cold or grilled, in sandwiches or salads. Just make sure to check that the label says ’90-percent lean’.

Summer Diet Foods | Healthy Eating | GrowFit Blog


Blackberries are sweet, juicy and packed with fiber and phytochemicals, including anthocyanins and flavonoids which help speed up stool and toxins through your digestive systems. Thanks to a high water and fiber content, a cup of blackberries has only 62 calories, making the ideal summer diet food.

Summer Diet Foods | Healthy Eating | GrowFit Blog


Swap your mashed potatoes for mashed turnip this summer. At only 34 calories and 8g of carbohydrates per cup, turnips are a nutrient-dense, high vitamin C and low-calorie alternative to potatoes. They are also great diet foods as they can help you shed belly fat!

Summer Diet Foods | Healthy Eating | GrowFit Blog

Summer is a time which most Indians dread but with certain changes to your lifestyle and diet, you can definitely stay cool, stay fit and have fun while you’re at it.

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