20 Tips on How to Make Delicious Green Tea at Home



Green tea is Mother Nature’s miracle tonic. It’s a powerhouse of various bioactive compounds such as ECGC which is loaded with medicinal properties. It also contains flavonoids and catechins that act as powerful antioxidants. Green tea contains less caffeine than other beverages and improves functioning of brain, spikes metabolism to help burn off fat, and may also be helpful in lowering risks of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s  and various types of cancers.

Due to its multiple health benefits, which have been discovered in recent times, green tea has gained in popularity.  But there are still people who shy away from having it because of its apparent ‘bad’ taste. Following are twenty creative ways to consume green tea. They taste good and they are simple, too. You can try them all at home!

1. Au Naturelle

Nothing ever beats a cup of all natural green tea. A perfectly brewed cup of green tea should taste like aromatic warm water that is mildly bitter. If your green tea tastes any different, chances are you are brewing it wrong. To make your perfect little cup of green tea, heat water to the temperature of your choice and then add not more than 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for one cup. Let it brew for a minute or two, strain and drink. Remember, the amount of tea leaves and the duration of brewing determines the taste. Also, no sugar and milk in green tea!

2. Iced lavender green tea

Lavender, apart from its sweet aroma, is also known for its calming properties. Lavender relieves stress, promotes sleep and creates a sense of general well-being.

To make a cup of iced lavender green tea, you will need water, green tea, ice and fresh lavender sprigs, or edible lavender extract. The last one can be found in the gourmet section of hyper markets. Once you have the ingredients in place, heat water, add green tea and lavender, and brew for a minute or two. Then strain and pour into a cup filled with ice. Your lavender green tea is ready.

3. Jasmine green tea

Jasmine is a fairly common garden flower in India. Even if you don’t have it in your garden, it is easily available at your local florist’s. The method of preparation is similar to the one above, but jasmine green tea tastes better when hot.  So, gather about 5 jasmine flowers and heat it in water along with the green tea. Let it brew for a minute or two, and then pour it into your favourite cup.

Here’s an extra tip: do not put more than 5 to 6 flowers because jasmine’s scent, though intoxicating, is quite strong. Too much of aroma can be rather cloying.


 4. Peachy minty green tea cooler

Perfect for a sunny summer afternoon, this iced tea is a refreshing burst of flavours. You’ll find peach and mint leaves with the local vegetable vendor or in your nearest hyper market.

Take half a peach, peel it and cut it into slices about 2 centimeters thick. Put into water along with a handful of mint leaves, and bring to boil. Let it sit for a minute. Then add the green tea and let it sit for another minute. Then strain into a cup filled with ice and enjoy.

You could also add a few mint leaves and a slice of peach into the cup to make it look appealing.

5. Digestive green tea

This one is great for post meal detoxification, but you can have it at any point of the day to spike your metabolism. Take a teaspoon and fill it with 1/3 coriander seeds, 1/3 cumin seeds and 1/3 fennel seeds. Boil them in water and let the mixture sit for a minute or two. Then add green tea and allow it to sit for another minute. Strain properly and you just made yourself a super dose of health.

6. Ginger lemon green tea

Another brilliant option for those looking to shed a few extra pounds. Slice up a very small portion of ginger. The quantity of pieces should not exceed half a teaspoon or you’ll get that overwhelming flavor of ginger. Boil the pieces in water and add green tea thereafter. Let it sit for a minute, strain and pour into a cup. Then take half a lemon and squeeze some of its juice into the cup, and enjoy.

7. Rose green tea

Brew some rose petals and green tea leaves together for two minutes. Then strain and serve. The sweet scent of rose enhances feeling of well-being and curbs mood swings. You could garnish your cup of rose green tea with a couple of rose petals if you please.

8. Apple green tea

To prepare this concoction, you’ll need half an apple, two to three fragrant buds of clove, a teaspoon of honey and green tea. Extract the juice from the apple. Boil the cloves in water, then brew it with the green tea for about two minutes. Add the apple juice. Pour in a cup, add the honey in the suggested quantity. Stir well and enjoy.

9. Mint green tea

A mint green tea is extremely refreshing after a long day of work. It’s surprisingly easy to make, too. Just take a handful of mint leaves along with a teaspoon of green tea and brew. You could add just a little bit of sugar to this. If you want it cold, you could also freeze it.

10. Basil green tea

Basil or tulsi has powerful medicinal qualities. It’s anti-bacterial properties prevent any kind of bacterial infection in the alimentary tract. Just take a handful of tulsi leaves and brew in water along with green tea.

Continue reading to find out 10 more creatives paths you can take for your green tea!

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